How To Source Someone To Build Handmade Shutters For Windows

So youve decided to get handmade shutters. Perhaps your windows are a peculiar shape, and the regular sizes wont fit. Perhaps you just like the idea of having something handmade. Perhaps you have a vision with which nothing out there on the market is compatible. Whatever your reason, youve decided to spend a bit extra to get the perfect shutters for you. Rather than getting manufactured shutters, devoid of personality and often thin, youve decided to get handsome handmade shutters. Now you just need to contact the right contractor. Here are five outlets selling handmade shutters.

Shutters by design. This is a family-run business dealing in bespoke blinds and shutters. They offer custom shutters, which can be built to fit peculiar window-shapes (gable-windows, circular skylights, lunettes, etc.).

The Shutterstore. The Shutterstore offers made to measure shutters for odd window-shapes.They defy you to find a window-shape they cant fit. They recommend that you send an e-mail with a picture of the window attached, so that they can tell you how to measure.

Devon Shutters. The Devon Shutter Company, whose slogan is be inspired be different, offers a number of different options for window shutters. Their joinery workshop is based in Sidmouth, Devon, where they manufacture bespoke, custom-fitting shutters for all window-shapes. All their shutters are made from genuine hardwood, carved by their special team of skilled joiners. They offer a special fitting service for more accurate measurements; and they offer shutters in all colours and wood stains.

Yorkshire Shutters. According to their website, Yorkshire Shutters doesnt waste money on advertising but, rather, focuses on the customers. It is perhaps for this reason that the website describes their product as affordable to all, with compromising on quality. They clearly didnt spend money on a proof-reader (though perhaps they should have). In any case, we can safely assume that they mean to say their prices are affordable without compromising on quality. They offer the full range of shuttersfrom café style to eyebrowand they fit the shutters to exact specifications.

Country Carpenter. This is a shop based in Appledore, North Devon that offers creative, custom-made, and rustic shutters that make use of recycled material as much as possible. In the past they have made such items as heart shutters, which, when closed together, form an empty heart in the middle. If you have a crazy idea, this is the kind of place to visit. Each item is handcrafted in their workshop to meet the customers special requirements.

Well there you go. Those are five bespoke shutters outlets out there. I hope youve found that informative, and I hope you find the right people to bring your idea to life.

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