Plantation Shutters Are They The Right Choice For Your Windows?

It can be a difficult decision to decide whether you want a curtain, a blind or shutters at your window. But lets face it, that decision is made a whole lot easier when you bring plantation shutters into the picture and here is why.

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They are most cost effective

Plantation shutters can be inexpensive in comparison to most blinds and curtains, and any other form of custom drapery. They also work out more cost effective in the long run when it comes to your heating as they are able to keep heat in during the winter and keep heat out during the summer. Meaning your energy bill is going to be a little bit less than it has been before.

Make your house price go up

Plantation shutters are very much a desirable asset to your home, and this does not just mean desired by yourself. But, desired by those who could potentially want to invest in your home in the future. Installing Plantation shutters increases the value of your home, and again unlike other window treatments they can be financed into the purchase of your home for the fact that they are in fact desirable, and they are likely to stay in your home when you leave.

They let in the light

The last thing you want is a beautiful interior of your home with these amazing plantation shutters up at the window, but you have to have your lights on all the time because the shutters don’t let in enough light. This is not the case for plantation shutters at all. The size of the gaps between each panel is completely customizable meaning that you can make the gap larger or smaller depending on how much light you want to come into your home. If you want some privacy during the day but light still to come through there is also the ability to close the bottom have of the shutter but leave the top open.

Spoilt for choose

There are different types of shutters that are generally used for different rooms, but this does not mean they are for that room only. Each type and where it is placed, or if you want the same throughout your house is completely up to your own discretion. From sizing, to coloring, to the way it is built, fitted, the light it lets in, the size of the slats etc. you really are spoilt for choice. You could even have them open up like doors at your window, plantation shutters can be customized in every way you can think of.

Plantation shutters can be built to fit at absolutely any window. There is no window they cannot be built to fit, and they can be colored and sized completely down to what it is that you want and how you want them to fit into your room. That coupled with the fact that they can save you money in the long run. I think the correct question should be are plantation shutters ever a bad choice for a window?

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