What To Expect From Your Security Patrol Service Provider

When you have decided that you are going to implement security patrol service at your commercial or residential building for security reasons, you must talk to them about a few things which will give you a clearer idea of what to anticipate from the services. A good security patrol service will tell you everything in detail before starting to serve you.

How many patrolling guards or officers you will get

You must ask them about how many patrolling officers or guards you will be getting from them. This will again depend on the size of your property. The bigger and diverse the spread of the property is, the higher attention will be needed. If the property is on a small area, then you may need just one patrol. To know about this while getting into a package with the service is good.

Will the patrolling guard have arms or weapons?

The patrolling guard make by armed or unarmed, and this you must know prior to appointing them. If you need armed guards, you must tell about the specifications. The package will be different in both cases. For an armed guard you will be paying more for sure, but then again if you really feel the need for a licensed armed patrolling guard, then you should employ one from the beginning than to risk your security.

Ask them about duty hours precisely

You must know the duty hours of the security patrol services. So that you may plan important work within the duty hours of the service, you must know it precisely. In case you feel like you need extended security or hours after their duty, you must talk to the services before hiring. Know what you need to do on occasion you need the extended hours of service, and the payment options, and rates etc.

Ask them about insurance

It may happen that the patrolling guard may encounter an accident or injury on duty hours for any reason or for protecting your property. If this happens, then you can be deemed responsible for treatments etc, unless the person is already insured, and the services have such responsibilities registered under them. This again needs clarification before you hire a guard.

As you ask of these things in detail, you really get prepared to ensure protection for your property as well as ensure mental peace with the security patrol service provider.

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